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Lab of Life wellness center is a family based chiropractic clinic in New York City. Our goal is to provide healing care to everyone from babies to the elderly. If you have a spine, you should be seeing a chiropractor. Subluxations (pressure on spinal nerves from vertebrae) cause several health issues. The nerves from the spine connect to the organs of our body. The brain, kidneys, thyroid, liver, stomach, intestines and sexual organs are all connected via the spinal cord or nerves. If the spinal vertebrae are out of alignment, they press on the spinal nerves.


When the nerves have pressure on them, they can not effectively carry messages from the brain to the rest of our body. This causes all kinds of problems in our body ranging from mild to severe health issues and usually pain which can in most cases be chronic and severe.


Some health issues that a person will notice with the spines is subluxated (or out our alignment):

  • Poor digestion / acid reflux

  • Stomach upset

  • Anxiety and stress

  • Depression

  • Learning disabilities

  • Deteriorating eyesight

  • Lower back pain

  • High blood pressure

  • Pain in knees and feet

  • Tiredness and low energy

  • Trouble falling asleep and staying asleep

  • Hormone imbalances


Have you experienced even one of these symptoms? Many people have been in pain and stressed for so long that it has become normal for them. Sure we all get stressed day to day but chronic stress and pain are not normal. It is possible to live a healthy, happy, pain-free life.


What can you do to treat chronic stress and pain?


First, find a chiropractor that you are comfortable with. Visit the office and find out what type of healing modalities that they offer and see if you will be a good fit at their clinic. Chiropractors will schedule an initial meeting with you to find out about your symptoms and concerns.


Your first visit at Lab of Life Wellness Center will include a spinal exam, posture analysis and nerve health analysis. This will determine the type of care plan to proceed with. X-Rays are usually ordered so that we can see exactly what is going on with your spine and other bones. We want to make sure that we are aware of all injuries so that we can provide you with optimal care.


We treat people of all ages for many types of health issues ranging from headaches to herniated disks. Our goal is to relieve the pressure from spinal nerves that cause pain and poor bodily functioning.


What to expect from a chiropractic care plan


1. Our care plan includes chiropractic adjustments starting with three times per week. As treatment progresses, you may only need to be adjusted once or twice per week. The body heals on a pattern so it is very important to keep chiropractic care consistent. When patients are consistent with care, they generally see full improvement quickly.

2. Nutrition counseling is also included with our care plans. We focus on gut health as a necessary companion to adjustments. Once the body is functioning optimally it is important to put in the correct fuel. Our gut repair program is personally tailored for each patient. Applied Kinesiology is administered to find out which nutrients the body needs for healing and optimal function. A gut cleansing program will be outlined including products to clean up the gut along with a diet plan.

3. Parasite and yeast tests may be necessary. We have the testing kits available in the office and will administer if it is apparent that parasites may be causing health issues. Once we determine that there are parasitic offenders (worms, bacteria, yeast), a cleansing protocol will be recommended.

4. Physical therapy is an integral part of our care plans. Exercises to complete before and after adjustments will be prescribed to aid in the healing process. Important exercises include crawling, stretching, and using vibrating boards. We use several physical therapy devices to improve poor posture. Desk jobs add stress to the body and cause subluxations. It is important to correct these or more serious health issues will develop.

5. Once the plan is in action and all the steps are being followed consistently, you will begin to feel happier, healthier, more energy, more productivity and of course less (or no) pain!


It is our passion and mission at Lab of Life to help as many people as we can achieve optimal health and wellbeing based on chiropractic care at its core. You only have one spine, take care of it. A happy spine is a happy life.

We look forward to seeing you soon, happy healing!


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