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Lab of LIfe is a family based practice gladly offering pregnancy adjustments and we are also proud pediatric chiropractors. Chiropractic can have a very positive healing effect for newborns and children. When mothers receive chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy, they avoid excess stress and pain. Immediately after birth is the perfect time for a baby to receive their first adjustment. Labor, whether it is natural or c-section, is stressful for baby and mom and usually causes subluxation for the newborn.


Chiropractic adjustments for pregnant women


It is usual for mothers to have pain and discomfort during pregnancy but we can help alleviate a lot of this stress through gentle adjustments. Sleeping and getting around during the day can become uncomfortable. Once the hips and pelvis are in alignment, this pain and discomfort will be relieved. Walking and moving around during the day will be less exhausting. Good restful sleep will be easier once the mother’s body is free of tension and stress.


Pediatric chiropractic can change a baby’s life


It is important for a newborn to enter the world with a healthy immune system and aligned spine so that they get a head start on life. When the spine is subluxated, the nerves cannot optimally carry messages from the brain to the rest of the body. This can cause failure to thrive, issues with breastfeeding and latching on, immune system insufficiency, colic, and illness.


Chiropractic benefits for babies include:


1. Quicker recovery time after birth

2. Immune system boost

3. Relieve colic symptoms

4. Optimal physical development

5. Reduce tension and fussiness

6. Can help with the treatment of ear infections


It is not easy to find out the exact cause of general fussiness in newborns. However, once other illnesses are ruled out, a chiropractic adjustment usually decreases the fussiness. Many issues can be the culprit. A gastrointestinal tract that is underdeveloped can cause excess gas and indigestion. Nerves that connect the brain to the organs that run the immune system and the digestive tract may be blocked from a misaligned spine causing slow development. Illness can result due to an underperforming immune system and lack of proper digestion of nutrients.


Ear infections are very common in babies and can become chronic. Of course, it is recommended that the pediatrician should be informed in this case but chiropractic care can ease symptoms. With a gentle adjustment to the upper neck, the eustachian tubes can be relieved of pressure and will drain the middle ear. This draining can lead to a quicker recovery time of the infection. Consistent adjustments can even prevent the development of ear infections by boosting the immune system and keeping pressure off of the eustachian tubes to begin with.


Once babies begin to raise their head and sit up, the spine begins to develop its natural curve. If there are misalignments present, the curve will form improperly and lead to further health and posture complications later in life.


What to expect during a newborn chiropractic adjustment


All of these newborn health issues can usually be avoided with a chiropractic adjustment at birth. The newborn adjustment is very gentle. Mom or dad can hold the baby and gentle pressure is administered to the neck and spine. If your baby is crying constantly, a chiropractic adjustment usually relieves the fussiness. Once the baby’s spine is aligned and not putting pressure on the spinal nerves, baby can digest nutrients optimally, have less gassiness, feel less tension and get more restful sleep.

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