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Stephanie C.

“After suffering excruciating pain (from inflammation on the sciatic nerve caused by spinal stenosis) for over 6 months and undergoing all kinds of treatments and pain relieving medications, I went to Lab of  Life for chiropractors at the recommendation of a friend. I walked into the office for a consultation in June and although a believer of a natural healing approach, I was in so much agony that I actually scheduled surgery in August. In the interim, I wanted to see if Dr. Oleg Gozenpud (Dr. “O”) could relieve some of my pain prior to my surgery. Dr. O explained to me that the healing would take time and patience (I was skeptical). He also told me that maybe I should consider postponing my surgery. NO WAY –  I thought!!   HOWEVER, after just 2 short months of 3 weekly sessions, I went from a Level “10” to just a “3”.  Happily, I cancelled the surgery, am able to walk without any pain at all.  I would urge anyone looking for one of the BEST chiropractors in NYC . He is my savior and miracle worker!

Dr. O’s wife Dr. Lauren is also an excellent chiropractor and nutritional advisor, but she was on “baby birth” watch at the time when I walked in. I can’t wait to get started with her nutritional program for the complete package of services which these 2 very caring doctors provide.”


Jan F.

Dr. Oleg is amazing chiropractor, and Lab of Life is a wonderful place to visit.  I am a holistic energy practitioner/coach, and the energy in this place is amazing.  When I first walked into this place, I instantly felt “at home”.  Dr. Oleg, and his wife, Dr. Lauren, work in an open environment.  i.e. everyone can see them adjusting other people.   I’ve been to many chiropractors in the past, and Dr. Oleg is great at doing adjustments.  And, although I’ve never had an adjustment with Dr. Lauren, I can see that adjusts people using the same techniques as Dr. Oleg.

Becky, the receptionist is both extremely warm and welcoming, and efficient at what she does.   The doctors treat “the whole body”, not just one area.  I often walk in, and see a lot of parents with tiny babies, and the doctors adjust both parents and babies, and even hae a small area for the kids to play.

One day, I walked in, in a grouchy mood.  I had a bad cold, had just bumped my head in the shower, and just felt miserable.  Although I normallly have a positive attitude, that day I was determined to be miserable, and starting complaining to Dr. Oleg about how miserable I felt, and all my ailments.  He listened quietly until I was done ranting, and then smiled and gave me a sympathetic, but humorous response, that instantly made me laugh.  I said “Jeesh, it’s impossible to be miserable in this office, even when I’m trying hard!”, and we both started laughing.

I would highly recomment this amazing place!  You can’t go wrong with either doctor.

Ken F.

“Lab of Life is a very special place. Unlike other chiropractors, their number one priority is to get you better so you don’t have to come as much. Dr Oleg is one of the best adjusters I’ve ever had, and I’ve been to countless places over the years. My curve is dramatically improving and I feel remarkably better each week! They also help with nutrition which is incredible and also helping my overall quality of life.”

John C.

“I have been a patient of Dr Oleg and Lauren Gozenpud for several years now. I first came to them when I had constant pain shooting through my arms and wrists, stemming from my shoulders. The pain was spending many hours working at a desk and the pain was so bad that I felt I was not going to be able to work. After a month or two of consistent adjustments I started seeing results, and now I have no issues whatsoever with my arms or wrists, and desk work is no problem for me at all now. If you or anyone you know suffers from consistent pain from day to day desk work, a appointment at Lab of Life is your next call!”

Eileen S.

“Amazing Experience. Dr. Lauren and Dr. G educate you to understand how to treat symptoms. They actually take the time to discuss your personal issues and goals. Healing comes naturally with their chiropractic and nutrition backgrounds. One major concern for me was not being able to handle car rides – with treatment and knowledge I am enjoying planning time away without the fear of back and hip pain.  Dedicated, hard working, family oriented Drs. Love them and thank them both!!”

Shareen H.

“Lab Of Life is an amazing Chiropractic office that concentrates on long term health. Since I’ve started I’ve lost weight and got my asthma under control. After an adjustment I feel more mobile and I’m able to sleep like a baby at night. I love the fact that Every time I leave I’ve learned something new about my body. Everyone needs Lab Of Life!”

Vanessa L.

“Love this office. I look forward to my weekly appointments and service is always very catering to my individual needs. I have been coming about 3 months and have already noticed results. The method of chiropractic care is sophisticated while other various forms of holistic benefits are available, such as personalized nutrition sessions and lectures to educate self-care. Other take-home products can be recommended and purchased to help continue chiropractic support when away from the office. I have had less pain and feel more balanced and stronger since my coming to Lab of Life.”

Franklin A.

“Dr. Oleg and Dr. Lauren are both phenomenal doctors! It’s been about two months now since I’ve been with Dr. Oleg and I’ve seen progression with his commitment to his patients as well as bringing great energy to the office. If your looking to heal physically and mentally, lab of life is the best at what they do!! Love these guys!”

Tanya K.

“Initially skeptical that anything can help my aching back and neck saw Dr. Oleg (aka Dr.G) and Dr. Lauren, both very knowledgeable, as well as caring chiropractors. After 6 months no more advil, tylenol or any other pain meds for my osteoarthritic back and neck. The personal advise and care that they give you is invaluable. They really want you to get healthier and live your life to your fullest.”

David O.

“Results speak for themselves! Ever since I’ve been doing my treatments with Dr. Oleg and Dr. Lauren, my health has improved tremendously. I can now do what I have to do with confidence knowing that Lab of Life has my back!”

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